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Why Do People Watch Others Playing Slots and Casino Games Online?

streaming online slot game on youtubeBetting is one of those things that most people believe to be quite a private affair. Certainly, in the days of sports betting shops, gamblers would walk right in, place their bets and then watch as the events would unfold. If they won, they won, and most people were none the wiser. However, with the birth of the internet and online betting now being accessible, watching other people bet has become somewhat of a sport in its own right.

And it’s not only sports betting that has become a spectator sport, either. Casino gameplay, poker, slots, bingo and so on are pastimes that many fans have taken to engaging in. But why is this the case? What is so exciting about watching other people bet, game, win and lose? Does it have any benefit for the player or the viewers? Or any particular benefit for the casinos and sportsbooks that the bettors are playing at? Are the people playing and streaming their gameplay genuine players or are they simply pawns put in place to entice people in? Let’s take a look at watching other people bet and how this has effects on various associated platforms.

Reasons Why People Watch Others Playing Slots

you tubeSlot games are, without a doubt, one of the most popular online casino games in existence. There are various reasons why this could be, such as the fact that they frequently feature easy-to-use setups, incorporate intriguing themes and have stunning graphics and special features built into them. Why do people have a bit of an obsession with watching others spin the reels of these games?

Definitively, if someone had informed you even 10 or even five years ago that by 2020, one of the largest websites in operation would consist of other people playing games and being watched by viewers around the world, perhaps you’d have passed them off as crazy. After all, who would think that opting to watch hours upon hours of someone else gaming would prove to be just as entertaining (and sometimes more so) than playing the game yourself? Alas, with programmes like Gogglebox (where viewers watch others watching TV shows) and YouTube Reaction videos drawing in huge numbers of viewers regularly, it’s no surprise these days.

Yet, large events that draw massive audiences in, like the NFL Superbowl or the FIFA World Cup, are popular because they provide many of us with an experience as close to being a player in that world as possible. Obviously, the large majority of us will never become world-class football players, so spectating allows us to feel like part of the action. There’s a similar sort of feel when it comes to watching others play slots, poker and so on. Perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t have the funds to be able to participate in such games or maybe you’re not a fan of gambling, but of the game itself. Regardless of which, there’s some sort of connection that you can feel when experiencing the games in this way – through watching others.  Afterall people watching others bet in casinos is common and has been going on since casinos have existed.

twitchThe opening of the Twitch service and its subsequent rise as one of the largest streaming platforms around the world, as well as the fact that YouTube remains highly popular, has helped with this, without a doubt. In 2018, Twitch had around 2.2 million broadcasters and 15 million daily viewers. Likely, those figures have risen even more as we roll on towards the end of 2020. Online gambling and its gamblers have really latched on to Twitch and YouTube as being great services to stream their content.

And as it happens, slots are one of the most popular types of games that you can watch via streaming sites. This echoes the fact that they’re also the most popular game within casinos, too. How is it that these games are known as the most popular for streamers?

Slot Streamers Provide Entertainment

The most successful streamers of online slot games are those with large personalities or some sort of quirk to the way they play and host their streams. Indeed, many of the streamers will allow the slots to sort of be a bit more of a background focus and then talk while it’s in-play.
It’s because of this stream of consciousness that watching slots players have become so popular. And when you bolster that sort of setup with slot wins occurring too, these streams can be considered quite the entertaining prospect.

You Get to Learn About the Games in the Process

In the course of watching someone else play the various slot games (and there are so many of them available), you are likely to also get recommendations from other spectators as to other games you may enjoy accessing. This makes it a perfect way in which to discover new games you may not have heard of or have yet to check out. Not only that, but if others are recommending such slots, perhaps they’ll be ones that have great pay-outs or inbuilt specialities, for example.

Naturally, the online casino industry is quite flooded with games, especially where slot releases are concerned. And the online casino world is still growing at quite the alarming speed as well, which has been readily witnessed by the fact that COVID-19 has pushed people to online sites instead of land-based establishments.

That being said, some slot games can be considered as much better than others, not only for gamers themselves, but spectators of such, too. If you’re intending to play slot games yourself, then watching others access them can point you in the direction of a great online casino, too. You’re more likely to look at the casino of the person you’re viewing as being a good one to join than any random other. This is another reason why some people may watch slot gamers. They can be telling of a great location to sign up to and play at.

The Social Aspects

Gone are the days where people could simply visit a basic chat room and participate in a massive chat about everything and nothing. One of the biggest reasons as to why Twitch became so popular in the first place is because you’re able to seek out a channel that focuses on something you’re interested in. From there, you can chat to other viewers about the exact same thing. While you’re watching the slots spin and the streamer engage in entertaining you, you’re also able to communicate with others who are watching. You can even talk with the person streaming their gaming session, too.

Throughout the day, you’ll get different channels streaming, different people watching, and thereby, different people to communicate with as well. You will pick up tips about how to play the slot in question, which developer it’s from and what other games they do etc. But, it’s not only about that. You will find that chats expand to cover other areas, such as what’s hot on Netflix or what sporting events are great to attend. In general, it’s quite the location for some great social aspects. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be swift and have a keen eye, because with so many people viewing these streams, the scrolling messages won’t stick around for a huge amount of time.

The Big Win Factor

As is always the case when a casino game is being played, a big win can occur when you least expect it. Imagine the sort of entertainment that comes from watching your favourite streamers hit it big. You get to celebrate right there alongside them, and often times, their reactions to huge pay-outs are genuinely enthralling and entertaining to watch.

Sharing in that sort of moment can put a huge smile on your face.Even just being there to see how the streamers’ bankrolls go through the ups and downs can provide enough of an entertaining moment for you. This is especially true if you’re actually hoping that they secure a large win and pay-out. Once they do manage to secure that jackpot win, it’s one of the best outcomes to be a part of, trust us.

Relax and Sit Back

Again, in the same way that watching Gogglebox can be quite addictive and entertaining in its own right, so can watching streamers online. Slots are designed to be their own kind of appealing, so simply watching those reels spin and the result of that spin being displayed can be relaxing for many people. It’s entertaining and makes you smile whilst sitting back and taking it all in.

Combine that with the dialogue from other viewers as well as the hosting skills of your favoured streamers and you’ve got the setup for a great time spent. We all like to rest and relax at the end of a working day or at the weekend, so watching casino game streaming can provide such an outcome. And, as it’s been witnessed already, it certainly does for many people.

Are the Streamers Genuine Or Are They Influencers?


It would be quite common to assume that if these people are playing games at a specific casino via their streams, that they could possible have been hired by the platform to do just that. After all, what better way to market your site and the games there than by having someone play them and do all your advertising for you?

Well, that is the case with some streamers, indeed. In this respect, those players may pretend to use their own hard-earned cash to access the casino games and win rewards via such. However, in reality, they’ve been given some of the casino’s own funds to spin the reels and show exactly what gaming there is like. Additionally, some of the streamers may utilise demo funds from the casino, which is basically like streaming a free play version of the game. The big wins don’t really mean much, as they’re not receiving any kind of actual pay-out.

Obviously, this is fairly unethical overall, because they’re promoting a casino and game as being great and entertaining and good for your bankroll etc. However, in reality, they’re only using funds provided by the site or demo funds.

One such circumstance of this came to light recently when a streamer going by the name of Roshtein was accused of utilising fake money for his gameplay. According to some reports, during a live stream, the player was asked to prove that he wasn’t playing a slot in demo mode.  He closed down the supposed real money version of Netent’s Gonzo’s Quest and then opened another in demo mode. This was the route he took to try and point out the differences between the two modes.

Afterwards, he chose to access Rise of Merlin by Play’n Go, but he only did this for a short time period. And it is in that time period where the controversy came to light. The balance that Roshtein had on display during his Gonzo’s Quest gameplay was at €23,113.10, but when he opened up the Rise of Merlin game “in demo mode”, the balance was exactly the same. This wouldn’t be the case if he was accessing it in a different format, as demo funds and real money do not display at the same time in a game. You either access one or the other.

Viewers instantly jumped on this, and it caused a debate to take place over whether or not he was actually playing in demo form. That doesn’t look good for Roshtein, so it’s always ideal for you to find a streamer who is using real money, rather than free play funds.

Important Advertising for Casino Sites?

jackpot sign

Of course, if a player is accessing a slot game via a specific casino, it’s a great thing for that site. They’re advertising the platform during their stream, regardless of whether they’re a plant by the casino or whether they’re legitimately streaming their gameplay at that site of their own accord.

And it’s most likely that casinos have welcomed new players to their sites after people have viewed such streams, too. Would these casinos suffer dramatically if they weren’t able to draw in customers this way? Well, the bigger brands probably wouldn’t notice much difference, although likely wouldn’t want to let such advertising go without a big fight against it. For smaller brands though, it can be quite the helpful source of finding new players.

If you’re a smaller or more recently started up online gaming site, then it’s likely that you’ll get lost in the shuffle without some wonderful advertising. A Twitch or YouTube streamer with many channel followers could be exceptionally helpful in drawing gamers in. And there’s a likelihood that such sites would want to work alongside the streamer(s) in a bid to ensure that their platform is advertised well. This could lead to additional planted streamers, of course, but if you can find a genuine gamer to watch, they’re much more likely to advise people on joining the casino they’re playing at.

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