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Slots That Pay Out Most Often

ols style slot close upSlot games will always be a huge draw factor for online and offline casinos. Incorporating entertaining themes and utilising inviting special features within, these game releases offer something alternative for those people who don’t enjoy table games. Slots have long been synonymous with casinos for this reason, ever since the one-armed bandit machines were first installed in them over a century ago. Today, slot games are mostly accessed online, with many casino sites flooded with hundreds to thousands of these high-quality, entertaining games.

The thing is not all things are equal as some games will pay out more than others. High RTP releases attract players because the profit margin for the casino is lower compared to other titles.

However, it is not just how high the return to player percentage is, the volatility of slots also matter.  This defines how often slots pay out, low volatility games paying out lower prizes more often and high volatility games paying out less low prizes but more big prizes.  On this page we will be looking at slots with high RTP and low volatility, i.e. the ones that pay out most often but not necessarily the ones that pay out the biggest prizes.

What Does RTP Mean?

rtpThe letters RTP stand for ‘return to player’. Gaming machines are required to clearly display the percentage return to player figure in the UK. This will always be displayed as a percentage, but it is important to realise that this does not dictate what you will win as a payout each and every time. The RTP percentage is an average that is achieved over a significant number of game plays.

And when we say, ‘average percentage’, this is generally measured over 10,000 or 100,000 games, or sometimes even more than this. Should a slot machine display an RTP rate of 96%, this does not mean that you will receive a payout of 96p for every £1 you stake on it. In the long-run though, over the measured number of games played, you should expect to receive this back. Of course, most players aren’t likely to play a slot machine for 10,000 and above times, due to the fact that many don’t have the bankroll to accommodate for such.

The RTP rate of today’s slot machine releases generally tend to average around 96%. Of course, you can also find games that provide RTP rates above this level and below it. Some gamers specifically seek out games with higher RTP rates to play. Of course, the idea behind this is that they believe a game with a higher RTP rate will payout more winnings. This is not something that can be guaranteed because, again, the percentage is measured over masses of gameplays. However, it can provide some insight into how a game is expected to payout in general. This should never really be used as the sole reason for playing a specific slot, though.

The other type of slot gamer is the one who seeks out high volatility games in a bid to try and win a huge jackpot payout.

What Does Game Volatility Mean?

slot game graphicWhile a slots RTP rate relates to the percentage that it is likely to return to a player over a course of time, a slot’s volatility is related to the actual payouts. Games will usually be given a low, medium or high volatility rating, and this dictates whether they pay out frequently with lower amounts or infrequently with higher amounts.

Therefore, if you’re looking to win big from an online slot machine, you’re better off seeking out a high volatility level slot. You just need to be prepared for a bit of a wait before something big comes along. On the other hand, if you garner more of a thrill from winning more frequently, regardless of the amount of the payout, a lower volatility game is a lot more ideal to play.

You’ll usually find that players don’t tend to look so frequently at both of these things in order to find a favoured game. Usually, they’ll look at one or the other and then proceed with a game that suits their preference overall.

For the slots that pay out the most frequently, we want to take a look at those with a lower volatility and a high RTP rate at the same time. Let’s find out about five of the best slot game releases that fit into such a category.

1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick

1429 uncharted seas

Accessing the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot from Thunderkick will present you with a 98.5% RTP game. It also has that low volatility that we’re looking for, so you can expect to receive some impressive gameplay from it. You’re able to win a maximum of 670x your stake from playing it, and it comes complete with 25 paylines to place your bets on.

The general theme behind it takes you back to the Age of Discovery, which was when European explorers took to the seas in a bid to find new trade routes and their own treasures along the way. 1429 wasn’t specifically a huge year for exploration, but it did come a couple of years after Diogo de Silves (presumed name), an obscure Portuguese explorer, allegedly discovered the Azores islands. It’s probably not what this slot game is based upon, but it takes a lot of its imagery from such perilous explorations across often turbulent seas.

Within the game, you’ll be able to see expanding wilds appear on the central three reels and a bonus symbol which can grant you up to 50 free spins.

Blood Suckers by Netent

blood suckers

Look no further than the Blood Suckers online slot from Netent to discover a game that will really test your own endurance. The title pretty much tells you that it bases its theme on vampires, and these can clearly be seen in action on its five reels. It’s one of the company’s older video slots, being released in 2013. And while the graphics aren’t bad at all in it, they stand out as being so against more recent game launches from Netent.

Blood Suckers also comes with a low volatility rate, meaning that you can benefit from receiving frequent payouts when spinning the reels. Also, it has a 98% RTP rate connected to it, so with a decent bankroll, you’ll also get some great gameplay out of it, too.

The imagery on its reels is all relative to the base theme. You can expect to see holy water, stakes, garlic and other items to destroy the blood sucking vampires with. Not only that, but Netent has included a wild symbol, a scatter inclusion that leads to a free spins round, and a bonus feature that allows you to go around ripping open coffins and staking the vampires inside for extra wins.

Simsalabim by Netent


Time for a spot of magic with Netent now, as it takes you right into the scene of a magic act with Simsalabim. A magician and all of his wonders, including card tricks, a magic top hat and escaping a locked trunk can all be seen on the reels of this one. And if that’s not enough to sweep you up in the magical capabilities of it, you’ll see that it comes with an RTP rate of 97.5% as well. That ties in very nicely with its low volatility rate, we’d say.

The game was launched in 2011, and it quickly became a hit with slot players around the world. Spinning the five reels will allow you to experience your own magic act, and this is thanks to the game’s inclusive special features. The magician himself is who operates as the wild symbol, while a scatter comes in the shape of a magic box. This one appearing on the reels in at least three positions will trigger up to 30 free spins for you to play through. Finally, the white rabbit is able to trigger a bonus round, where you get to magic up some additional winnings.

Naturally, it would be usual for players to pass off games from several years ago, considering all of the more recent releases with a higher quality of graphics involved. However, Simsalabim isn’t one that you should bypass. Not just because of its wonderful RTP and volatility rates, but because it presents a thoroughly compelling game overall.

Jewel Blast by Quickspin


While the RTP rate of this game stands at 96.57, which is a bit lower than the others already mentioned, it retains that low volatility level. Quickspin isn’t one of the world’s biggest-known developers, but it should be, because over the years it has released some wonderful games. Jewel Blast was released in 2015, and it quickly picked up traction thanks to its various features.

On the outside, it looks quite a standard slot game. The five reels feature gemstones as the game’s symbols, while 25 paylines are in operation across it. You can adjust your bet between 25p and £100 per spin, and the slot is also accessible via a mobile device.

It’s only really when you start triggering the special features of the game that Jewel Blast really comes to life. And does it ever! With a wild symbol appearing on the reels, as well as something known as the Blast Bonus, there’s plenty to gain from playing this Quickspin release. During the Blast Bonus, all adjacent symbols to a bonus wild will be blown away to create more chances for wins to form. It’s quite the intriguing game to play, and especially so if you’re a fan of high RTP and low volatility games.

Sunny Shores by Yggdrasil


We’ve all come to know and love Yggdrasil as being one of those developers that isn’t afraid to push the boat out that little bit further. Sunny Shores takes you to a wonderful sun kissed beach, with reels that provide you the opportunity to win both ways. Upon those reels? Fruit symbols, presenting you with a look at bananas, pears, grapes, strawberries and so on. You’re able to place a maximum bet of £125 per spin when accessing it, and there are 27 of the win both ways paylines involved.

Sunny Shores also has a low volatility rate, as expected, but its RTP rate is 96.2. Granted, this only puts it slightly above the average, but when you consider that most other games with higher RTP rates also come with higher volatility levels, it’s understandable. You can win up to £40,500 from playing it.

Sunny wild symbols can come into play and are able to expand in up to four different directions. Combining this with the win both ways factor makes this a much loved online slot from Yggdrasil.

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