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How Many Casinos Does Andrew Tate Own?

andrew tate after arrestAndrew Tate has been in the news a fair bit recently. Once banned from Twitter for his offensive views, he made his return there on November 17, 2022. Previous to that, he entered the Big Brother house in the UK for a short-lived stint. The reality show dumped him when footage of him allegedly beating a woman appeared.

His return to Twitter at the end of last year did not go unnoticed. It came after Elon Musk’s takeover of the platform. The new owner pushed for freedom of speech. This also saw him reinstate former U.S. President Donald Trump to the app.

It wasn’t long before Tate, 36, was up to his old antics on the social media platform, either. As the end of December rolled around, he Tweeted out a post to climate change activist Greta Thunberg, 19. In that post, he boasted about the vast sports car collection he owns. He requested her email address so that he could send a complete list of the cars and their “enormous emissions”.

Thunberg sent a burning response to him, Tweeting out:

“yes, please do enlighten me. email me at”.

Needless to say, her response gained a lot of traction, with people around the world backing her. 10 hours later, Tate replied to her with a video of him eating pizza in a dressing gown. Not long after, the Romanian police arrested Tate and his brother, Tristan. Accusations of sex trafficking led to both ending the year in prison cells where they remain today. Yet the social media personality and former professional kickboxer has other attributes to his name.

One of those is owning various casino businesses. Tate claims they are his most successful venture. How many does he actually own, though?

Casinos Across Romania

romaina casinos

All the casinos owned by Tate and his brother are in Romania. A total of 15 venues are under the ownership of the duo. When Andrew Tate was in his early 30s, he built his very first casino there. The chain of 15 establishments today brings in more than $1 million every month. He enjoyed a high level of fame within Romania for quite some time. Yet his antics with his brother made him famous further afield, thanks to the capabilities of Tik Tok.

In an interview before his arrest, Tate said he became familiar with casinos while working as a kickboxer. It was during this period that he was a member of the Real Xtreme Fighting (RXF) roster. He said he had overheard three businessmen talking about their vast casino empire. They stated that they were raking in millions of euros per day from their European casinos. Overhearing that, he immediately knew he wanted in on the industry. He would go on to pester the three businessmen for several years. This helped him determine his own clever scheme for opening casinos.

According to Tate, he took several steps that allowed him to ruin other casino businesses in Romania. For instance, he set up his own casino between a Starbucks and a casino rival. Noticing that the Starbucks had huge queues, he put up his own sign advertising free coffee. This led to people visiting his establishment for the free coffee to begin with. Yet it didn’t take long for them to turn to his slot machines and other casino games.

It’s not only casinos that Tate owns, either. Some of his other businesses include an OnlyFans management company. There is also The Real World and The War Room. Only the former of those two projects brings in more money than his casinos.

How Did Andrew Tate Become So Famous?

tik tokEmory Andrew Tate III was born in December of 1986 in Washington D.C. His father is an African American former chess international master and his mother worked in catering. Once his parents divorced, she moved both Tate and his brother Tristan to England. While he was active in the kickboxing scene from 2005, it wasn’t this that made him famous.

In January of 2022, he began an internet marketing strategy to become the most popular man on Tik Tok. That occurred so he could promote his new company at the time, The Real World. Within six months, he had achieved the status of being the most Googled man in the world. Before then, Tate was only famous in Romania due to his brother’s shenanigans. A newscaster in Bianca Dragusanu ended up getting caught having an affair with Tristan.

Doubtless, Andrew Tate’s fame led to him being able to get on in life. This added to his income from his casinos, leading to him being able to buy the cars that offended Greta Thunberg. He bought his first Bugatti in December of 2021 and then didn’t stop. He now owns 28 different sports and super cars.

What Does Andrew Tate Own?

  • The Real World ($300 Million) – A platform where customers pay $49.99 per month for membership. For this, they receive instruction on ways to make money outside traditional employment.
  • Romanian Casinos ($50 Million) – Co-owned with his brother Tristan, the duo own 15 casinos across the country of Romania.
  • Super Car Collection ($21 Million) – He owns 28 supercars, including a Bugatti Chiron, McLaren 765LT and Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • Romanian Mansion ($7 Million) – Found in Bucharest, it has 2,000 square metres of living space.
  • Private Jet ($20 Million) – Bought in 2020, Tate decided he needed a private jet to be able to travel wherever he wanted.
  • Private Yacht ($100 Million) – Tristan Tate bought the luxury yacht for his brother. He partied on it shortly after his ban from social media in August 2022.

Tate moved from London to Romania when he was in his late 20s. His reasons for moving there include the fact that it is a very Christian country. Tate also said that there is very little unorganised crime. According to him, Mafia bosses are the ones responsible for running the country.

Sources suggest that by the end of 2022, Andrew Tate’s net worth was $355 million. While a lot of that came from his kickboxing career, his casinos contribute, too. He has invested in cryptocurrencies, and also owns an online crypto casino.

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